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Friday, May 06, 2005

terrible day!

Did you know how many times I tried to upload this picture and there was something wrong with Hello that it just hanged, I was thinking they could have at least inform me that there was something wrong "HELLO!"I am having a terrible day because of my headache and some nightmares I cannot anymore remember and was awaken so early that I cannot go back to sleep anymore. I am not even a day sleeper so, here I am bearing with my pain. In the picture are some of the tulips in my garden. The petals open up when the weather is warm and closes up when it is cold. The dry vines on the background fence are my soon going to grow vines and vines of red grapes. The vines are hard to control because they grows so fast. They are sweet grapes and I make some grape jelly, too for our breakfast in the morning.& Posted by Hello


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